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Ivy League Admissions Back
How to plan for an Ivy League College Admission
Posted on 19/01/2020

Get those grades and test scores up

For starters, if you want to go to an Ivy, you’re going to need stellar grades and test scores. Ambitious students should take rigorous courses that they can do well in.
Grades are still the most important factor in admissions. Schools look to see if students are challenging themselves and still succeeding.
Test scores are just as important. Students who lack scores in line with Ivy standards will be sent right to the ‘no’ pile unless they have some other achievement(s) that really help them stand out or fill an institutional need for the school.
Just having a high GPA and ACT or SAT score won’t get you into an Ivy League school, however -- most highly intelligent and qualified students get rejected. In order to get admitted, you’re going to need to show that you’re not just smart, but special, too.

Follow your passion

It doesn’t necessarily matter if a student is doing athletics, community service, academic clubs or anything else. What the universities are looking for is why a student is choosing to do those activities and what they got out of it.
Have they learned time management skills, leadership, teamwork, discipline? How have they grown as a person and what qualities will they bring to our campus?
Students should focus on what they love instead of joining a bunch of random clubs that they don’t care about because admissions readers see right through that. Being genuine is what will make them stand out.
Students who get admitted to Ivy League schools are talented and have lives outside the classroom.

Be a good person

Believe it or not, being nice might just be the thing that solidifies your spot at an Ivy League school. Don't just do nice things to get into an Ivy League school, however -- you should do them because you feel it’s right. The key is to be genuine.

Apply for early decision/early action

Applying this way significantly boosts your chances of getting into one of the Ivies. You only get to apply early decision for one school, though, so choose carefully.

Write a really good essay

The essay is one of only two places where the student can tell exactly who they are, in their own words (the other place is the interview).
Students should write about something not found anywhere else in the application. It's a chance to show what you're interested in, what your passions are and what’s important to you.

Get professional help

Increasingly, students whose sights are set on elite colleges use admissions consulting firms to get ahead of the competition.



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