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Why choose an Online Education ?
Posted on 19/01/2020

Why choose an Online Education 
In an increasingly connected world where more and more can be accomplished through the Internet, one of the latest educational trends is online or distance learning. More and more people all over the world are choosing to achieve some or all of their higher education with Web-based courses / classes : the number of universities offering online material and students enrolled in such courses is skyrocketing. Online education is gaining ground and may even become the prevalent form of learning in the near future.
Some advantages of an online education that are driving students 
1. Comfort of your Home  

There are many reasons why a student may not want or be able to attend class a physical class . Some have conflicting commitments elsewhere and for others it might not be possible to commute everyday to attend the class which is being conducted on another part of town. The first and most obvious advantage of online education is that it does not require physical attendance: all you need is an Internet connection and you can participate in courses/ classes from an institution/ tutor  based on the other side of the world without leaving your room. This not only negates logistical problems such as distance and mobility, but also creates opportunities to study whatever you want regardless of where the course is offered.
2. Reduced costs 

Online education is cheaper for everyone involved: universities all over the world can afford to offer online courses at reduced rates or even for free because they are more cost-efficient for the institutions themselves, and this in turn reflects on student fees. This makes online learning the ideal solution for economically disadvantaged students and goes a long way in creating equal opportunities to be successful in life.
3. It’s all about you  

Learning from home is not just about not moving: the beauty of it is that you can log in to your online course at any time of the day that is convenient to you. Your schedule is your own: forget waking up early to go to class and meeting strict assignment deadlines. Most online classes can be scheduled to suit your lifestyle and availability. Additionally , the content of the session can be personalised to cater to your specific requirements.
4. Staying connected 

When your classmates and teachers may not even be from the same country you are logging in from, it becomes clear that online education is not only a matter of accessing learning material at a distance, it is also a prime opportunity to connect  people from all over and may even open doors for you that would have remained closed otherwise: taking online courses expands your networking opportunities and may even find you international friends or land you your dream job thanks to the connections you have made with your instructors and fellow course takers.