How do I pay for Online Lessons?

You can pay for the Online classes using any credit card.

How do I watch back Online Lesson recordings after they are completed?

You can view any previous session using the Recording option under the Past Sessions.

How do I refund a lesson if it doesn't go ahead?

If the Tutor does not come for a scheduled class within 10 mins of session start time the session cost will be automatically refunded in your account.

Can I request a demo from a Tutor before deciding to take classes?

Yes , you can request a demo with a Tutor before you decide to enrol for classes by opting for “Request Demo” option under Tutor Profile.

Can I use my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, you can take sessions via any smartphone / tablet.

I am not sure if I want to enrol for Pay as You Classes or Monthly model.

Please contact us with any queries and our counsellors will be able to help identify the ideal plan / Tutor for your customised needs.

Can I reschedule a scheduled class?

Yes, you have an option of rescheduling a pre scheduled class.