1. Be it clearly understood and agreed that as a part-time employee, you will not have the status of an employee nor will you be entitled to the privileges/benefits available to other employees who are employed either on a regular or temporary basis. Your duty hours shall be fixed as per the batch requirements and our mutual understanding.
  2. You will be responsible for carrying out your work as assigned to you to the satisfaction of the company. You will be punctual and regular in your duties and will not be absent without prior permission of the company after giving due notice.
  3. During regular classes, you will not share your Contact Number, Email Ids, Social Networking Profiles with the student or have any other personal conversations with them.
  4. You need to join all the sessions at least 5 minutes before the scheduled start time so as to strictly maintain the discipline of the session.
  5. You need to assign worksheets to the students ideally at the end of each session or within 24 hours from the completion of the session, at the latest.
  6. Once the student submits the work, the same needs to be assessed and feedback needs to be uploaded within 24 hours from the submission.
  7. It is mandatory that the batch assigned to you, shall be finished on time and that the course syllabus should be followed according to the predefined module. In case of any pre-planned or long leaves (more than 7 days), you would have to inform the company in advance, during the contract period.
  8. You will not share with anyone, particulars or details of the materials, processes, systems, security arrangements, administrative or any other organisational matters pertaining to the Company, by word of mouth or otherwise, which may come in your possession, by virtue of your association with the Company. Any documentary information gathered by you during the course of your association with the Company, shall be handed back to the Company on completion of the contract with no copies of the same having been retained by you. You will be required to provide an email confirmation, the all company information in your possession, has been from your records, at the completion of the contract.
  9. By signing these terms and conditions, you  allow your name, voice, photographs, biographical data to appear on and be used in all media, by the company including, but not limited to, the press, internet, television or any other medium in the future, as  required for promotional purposes for the activities of the company.
  10. The copyrights of all intellectual property generated by you during the tenure of this contract, rests with the Company. In no circumstances will you share the same with anyone else except the company. Once the contract is over, you shall handover the intellectual property created by you to the Company and will not retain a copy of the same. You acknowledge that you are not entitled to use or reproduce any of the Trademarks or Copyrights of the Company either during or the period of your association with the company or afterwards and the same shall always be the property of the Company.
  11. It is acknowledged and agreed that the relationship between us is solely in the nature of an independent contracting assignment, purely on a principal to principal basis and nothing in this contract is to be construed as an employer / employee, franchise / franchisee, agent / principal, partners, joint ventures, co-owners, or otherwise participants in a joint or common undertaking and the relationship is.
  12. You will not at any time make any grant or assignment, or enter into any agreement, which will materially conflict or interfere with the rights granted to the Company under the agreement in respect of the services.
  13. You acknowledge and agree that all the confidential information whether disclosed orally or in writing, is the property of the company and is valuable, special and unique to the business operations of the  Company. Any presentation, documents or any other material (“Company Material”) provided to you shall be the exclusive property of the Company and you shall not retain any records of the same with you. On termination of the Contract you shall return all the data / information provided to you by the Company and shall also delete the same for your records, confirming the deletion in writing, within 3 working days from the date of the termination of the contract.
  14. Since this is a consultancy assignment, there will be no deduction of tax at source and you will be responsible for paying any due taxes to the authorities directly
  15. Either party has the right to terminate the contract with 30 days’ written notice.
  16. You are required to diligently adhere to the clauses mentioned in the accompanying Annexure. Non-compliance with any of the clauses mentioned therein, can lead to legal  action, as stipulated in Annexure and the Company shall have a right to terminate the contract without notice, in case of repeated non-compliance. All disputes shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the courts of New Delhi.
  1. Once the class has been scheduled, you are not allowed to cancel the same.
  2. In case of planned leave of absence, you need to update availability in the system, so that no one can book the slot.
  3. Planned leave will be allowed only twice a year and has to be informed one month in advance.
  4. The following issues can lead to termination of the contract, subject to the discretion of the Head of Department:
    1. Complaints received from a user regarding any indiscipline activities that may have occurred during the class, which also includes improper attire etc.
    2. Conceptual flaws in class
    3. Taking frequent breaks during a class
    4. Receiving user ratings below minimum criteria
    5. Class duration if below 80% as per the actual scheduled duration
  5. It is your responsibility to ensure the broadband connection is working optimally at the time of each Live Class.
  6. If for any reason, the tutor does not show up for a scheduled class, the tutor will be penalised and charged the cost for one session.
  7. In case of more than 3 no shows in a month, the tutor will be deactivated and the consultancy agreement will be deemed terminated